Create Simple, Beautiful Flowers in Illustrator

Ok - so it's been a hot minute since I've blogged, and I wish I had a GREAT reason, instead I just have a good reason: LIFE. With three children. And pets. And client work (which I love doing!!). And Summer. Did I mention the three children? Good, now that I have your sympathy (or empathy, depending on your parental status), let's resume our regularly scheduled blog posting, shall we? I thought we'd ease back into getting to know one another with some new tutorials on Illustrator! Today I'm sharing with you how to create simple flowers using the rotate tool, copy and duplicate action shortcut, and adjusting the handles on your anchor points. Sound complicated? It's not, I promise, just watch & see: Not so bad, right? If you liked that tutorial, you will LOVE the new version of Clean Cut Illustrator - enrolling now! Got a burning Illustrator ...

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