Nestled on Door County’s eastern part of the peninsula, John and Jessica Dennis needed a fresh visual brand for the cottages they invested in as vacation properties.

It was so fun to come up with different ideas based on their guests’ tastes and Jessica’s great sense of style. I presented three options, but Jessica is drawn to water and loved the fish (first option) best! I did, too.



After custom-illustrating the fish for this brand, I used the scales as a surface pattern for the back of the card. This provides high-impact and gives would-be guests an idea of the cozy yet stylish cottages that await them.


The rack card was in need of a refresh from the previous owners’. There was a lot of information that we needed to condense and still include as many pictures as possible.

Door County is a prime getaway spot, and there’s a healthy amount of competition for vacation rentals. Jessica wanted something that would grab someone’s attention as they looked through all their options. I love how it turned out!

I also created a custom sign for this project so people passing by knew who to contact if they were admiring the cottages during their daily walk.

This project was a ton of fun and absolutely one of my favorites to date! Door County is a dream relaxation spot, be sure to check out John and Jessica’s cottages if you’re looking for a place to kick back this summer!