In 2015, Life Church Green Bay hosted its annual Summer Nights Conference for women.

This conference brings women together and invites them into breakout sessions to further develop areas in their Jesus journey.

It serves as a discipleship opportunity as many women bring friends that don’t currently attend the church or any church at all.

While the logo had already been created, I was given the opportunity to create all printed materials for the event which included bookmarks highlighting upcoming church events and invites attendees to sign up.

In addition to the bookmarks, I created a name tag template that could be used by each attendee. The nametags were editable in Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word.

I custom-illustrated the paper lanterns that hang in the background of the name tags as well as the map that is shown underneath.


As part of the breakout sessions, each section of the church featured a poster designed by me to indicate which session was being held in that particular space.

It was amazing to see this brand come together and the blank sermon screen below was used during Pastor Sonny Hennessey’s talk. Multiple sizes were created for all pre-formatted and blank sermon graphics to fit televisions and various screen sizes for web and presentation (projector screens and web).