As a creative person, I’ve dabbled in everything from painting, to dancing, to drawing, to ceramics. I love it all and focusing on one passion, or one medium has always been something I’ve struggled with. I’d learn a little of this, and a little of that, and never became a PRO at any of it.

Not only did this make me feel like I was left behind by my art buddies, but it made me question what my passions truly were. I had no idea that almost 10 years ago, I’d stumble upon a computer program (of all things!) that I would fall in love with.

See, back when my girls were little, we couldn’t afford daycare for two babies under two. Going back to work just wasn’t an option, so I had to come up with a way to use my creative energy and the resources I had available to figure something out.

That ‘something’ just happened to be a free trial of Illustrator that I downloaded on a whim. I was determined to figure this program out even though I had zero Illustrator experience and zero knowledge on how to actually turn a passion into an income.

My first project was a birthday invitation I created for my daughter’s first birthday. Can you believe this took me a few hours? I was so proud once I was done. 🙂


Or how about my first stamp designs? It included one robot that I spent 9 hours rendering! Ahhh!! You can see him below:

Clean Cut Illustrator : How I found Passion and Freedom from a Design Program


Despite my humble beginnings, I’ve been teaching Illustrator for over 5 years now! I LOVE it. Illustrator is my #1 digital design resource and I make 80-90% of my worksheets, printed products, and art with it and 100% of my income with it. It’s a fantastic program, and I couldn’t run my business without it (check out my portfolio, where most of the work has been done in Illustrator).

It’s incredibly empowering to learn how to professionally design your own materials. Not only does it put you in the creative driver’s seat, but builds skills that enable you to make a little side cash too (or create a full-blown design business like I have!).

Why has it become my passion? Quite simply, because of how versatile it is.

Want to design printables? Check.

Want to build high-quality patterns? Check.

Want to create easy-to-use templates for your blog posts? Check.

Want to create your own professional invitations or party decor? Check.

Thinking of pursuing art or design as a career and/or selling your own products? Um. Checkkk!

That’s why I am so committed to helping others find the same freedom. Let’s think about this for a second:

What would you do if you had more time to create and had to spend less time at a full-time job?

How much would your confidence improve if you knew you had a marketable skill that was only limited by your imagination?

What if you knew that your career or side gig was completely portable and you could move anywhere and have a seamless transition?

If you’ve been curious about my process and creating your own art or designs, I’d love to let you know a little more about my flagship course, Clean Cut Illustrator.

Currently in its second edition, Clean Cut Illustrator is the course for aspiring designers and creative bloggers. I’ve had the opportunity to help my students create their own products, designs, and printed materials from scratch and I fully support them along the way.

The best part of being a part of the CCI Community? I take suggestions and continue to develop curriculum based on your needs. It’s more than a course on Illustrator, it’s like having me next to you, guiding you along the way with encouraging words and the know-how to back it up!


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